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Enhanced Performance, Style In 2005 Volvo V70


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TORONTO (September 1, 2004) – Enhanced performance, an aggressive new look, more safety features and an upgraded interior with more choices are among the changes for the 2005 Volvo V70.



By taking the lessons learned from developing the high-performance S60 R and V70 R models, output of the sporty V70 T5 is increased by 10 horsepower and 15 lb.-ft. of torque. The turbocharging technology found on the R vehicles helps boost the 2.4-litre (up from 2.3 litres), 5-cylinder engine to 257 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.


The turbocharger from the R also improves torque delivery, with approximately 87 per cent of maximum torque available from 1800 rpm, up from approximately 73 per cent in its predecessor.


The revised T5 engine now incorporates variable intake valve timing (along with the variable exhaust valve timing from previous versions) to further improve exhaust emissions and fuel economy. When paired with the new 6-speed manual transmission (also initially developed for the R vehicles), acceleration performance is assuredly improved.


Through new electronic control systems, the V70 T5 with optional 5-speed automatic transmission with Geartronic sequential shifting provides faster communication between the engine and transmission and a more immediate reduction in engine torque prior to gear-changes. The new systems promote faster changes and a sportier driving experience.


With increased acceleration comes the need for improved braking performance. The V70 T5 is equipped with larger-diameter front brake discs (from 286 mm to 316 mm).


The second-generation of Volvo Cars’ sophisticated Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (Four-C) system – previously only available on the top-of-the-line S80 and the high performance R vehicles – is now offered on the 2005 V70 T5.


The Four-C system actively adjusts shock absorber damping in relation to driver and vehicle input, delivering a controlled ride, enhanced vehicle stability and a sporty feel. The system helps to reduce the vehicle’s tendency to kneel, squat and roll during braking, acceleration and cornering, respectively. Modified specifically for the V70, the Four-C system has a stiffer setting for “Sport” mode for enhanced road feedback and a more dynamic drive.


Using two buttons mounted in the centre console, the system allows the driver to modify suspension damping to enhance driving behaviour. The “Sport” mode provides more-controlled body movements and faster steering response. The “Comfort” mode provides a more supple ride and calm body movement beyond what the standard chassis can offer. In an emergency situation, the Four-C system is programmed to provide maximum possible stability.



Complementing the enhanced driving character are headlights with a new clear plastic lens (replacing glass). While helping to reduce weight, the plastic lens better resists stone chipping and also helps to reduce the likelihood of causing injury in pedestrian collisions. Replacing the traditional headlight wipers are high-pressure washers.


To more easily distinguish the identity of a Volvo vehicle from behind in the dark, the V70 sports new taillights with transparent glass, visible bulbs and a new light pattern.


The V70 also receives new standard colour-matched side trim mouldings and lower body line (sills, bottom of the door trim and bottom of the bumpers). Along with the trim comes a new bumper design for a more grounded stance. The new bumpers also allow for replaceable corner protection mouldings for a customized monochromatic or chrome look.


The grille, incorporating the Volvo Cars logo, is now larger and more dominant with a new “waterfall” pattern.


Windshield wipers are also of a new design that integrates flat blades. Contributing to less wind noise than traditional wiper blades, the new integrated blades also apply more pressure to the glass to improve effectiveness.


Also helping to improve visibility is a new water-repellent coating applied to the side-view mirrors that resists water build-up and dirt. Side windows can be equipped with the coating as an option, further improving visibility in inclement weather.


Supporting the exterior changes are five new alloy wheel designs and two new colours (Barents Blue and Magic Blue).



Inside the 2005 V70, new materials and features help to promote a more sophisticated environment. Volvo Cars’ next generation seats debut on the V70 and have been reworked for enhanced comfort and adjustment. The front seats offer an additional 12 mm of vertical adjustment, simpler seat angle manipulation and easier lumbar support control. The front headrests are also of a slimmer design for improved visibility from the rear seat.


Interior designers also equipped the new V70 with an entirely new tunnel console. With a more integrated structure, the new console is also stiffer in construction through higher quality materials. The armrest between the front seats is also new, with cupholders, trays and storage compartments for a multi-functional design.


A new centre control panel greets the driver and front seat passenger with a new slimmer design with new decorative surroundings.


The R variant includes a high-power Dolby Pro-Logic II 5.1 Surround Sound system, and the system is now optional on all other models. With 325 watts of output through 13-speakers, the audio system includes an in-dash 6-CD changer. Also available is a 150-watt rear subwoofer, providing deep base and enhancing the audio experience in the passenger cabin.


With new front door grab handles and cloth-lining on the A-pillars and sun visors, the interior of the 2005 V700 exudes a more elegant feel.


For customers who opt for the Sport Package, in addition to 17-inch alloy wheels for all trim levels, they will benefit from new sport seats designed to hold passengers securely during aggressive driving.


For S60 T5 buyers, the seating surfaces are now split upholstery with a leather and T-Tec combination. While full leather is still an option, the leather/T-Tec combination provides enhanced grip, water resistance and sporty appeal.



The 2005 Volvo V70 2.4 starts with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $38,495 with the top-of-the-line V70 R priced at $62,495. The Volvo V70 is available through the 44 authorized Volvo retailers in major markets across Canada, and is protected by a comprehensive 48-month, 80,000-kilometre overall warranty and the standard Volvo On Call 48-month roadside assistance program.


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