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Volvo expands major cash incentive program


Volvo expands major cash incentive program


TORONTO (April 16, 2008) - Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is expanding its cash incentive offer to every model in its line-up following an announcement earlier this month that provided S60 and XC90 customers with up to $10,200 in cash incentives. The new, limited time, nation-wide Volvo Currency Cash Incentive offers vehicle shoppers with thousands of dollars in savings regardless of model to reduce either the purchase price or their monthly lease or finance payment.


As well, for existing Volvo owners, the company's established loyalty bonus program amounts to hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional savings.


For example, the V70 wagon customers will receive up to $9,000 from a $7,000 Currency Cash Incentive and a $2,000 loyalty bonus for existing Volvo vehicle owners. The company's flagship S80 luxury sedan will now be offered with $7,500 in incentives comprised of a $5,000 Currency Cash Incentive and $2,500 loyalty bonus. Buyers considering a C70 hardtop convertible will receive up to $6,500 due to a $5,500 Currency Cash Incentive and a $1,000 loyalty bonus.


The XC70 and V50 will also receive incentives.  The XC70 offers up to $5,500 from a $3,000 Currency Cash Incentive and $2,500 loyalty bonus while the V50 qualifies for up to $4,350 in incentives from a $3,600 Currency Cash Incentive and a $750 loyalty bonus.  The C30 and S40 continue with a previously-announced program amounting to a $1,600 or $1,500 Currency Cash Incentive and a $500 or $1,500 loyalty bonus, respectively.


Peter Johnson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Volvo Canada, says the new incentives, combined with recent interest rate adjustments, translates to lower payments for lease and finance customers.


"The monthly lease payments for a C70 with the most popular options and the new Currency Cash Incentive has been reduced by $235 over 48 months," says Johnson. "Leasing an S80 for 48 months, again with the most popular options, has been reduced by $185 per month. Monthly finance payments have been reduced as well. Cash, lease or finance, it's the most competitive offer we have ever announced on Volvo vehicles in Canada."


Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is part of Volvo Car Corporation of Göteborg, Sweden.  The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to the 42 Volvo automobile retailers across the country.  The company's product range includes the stylish and sporty C30, the elegant C70 hardtop convertible, the compact S40 sedan, the S60 sport sedan, the S80 flagship sedan, the versatile V50 wagon and the award-winning XC90 sport utility vehicle. For 2008, the company is introducing two all-new models: the redesigned V70 wagon and the rugged and comfortable XC70.


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