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Hallmark Volvo V70 wagons develop distinct personalities in 2003


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From versatile and flexible to all-weather practical to open-road powerful, the new Volvo V70 wagons have distinct personalities that reflect an expanding appeal to buyers with diverse needs, but a common sense of what a premium wagon should be.


For 2003, the addition of a sophisticated, electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system and a powerful new version of the low pressure turbo engine plus improved interior air quality, attractive new alloy wheels and other refinements keep the V70 line at the head of the premium wagon class.


Four different powertrain combinations are now available - one for each of the V70 2.4 model, V70 2.4T, V70 AWD and V70 T5.


New to the line-up is the 2.5-litre DOHC aluminum 5-cylinder engine with low pressure intercooled turbo that is standard equipment in the V70 AWD. This velvet smooth powerplant generates 208 hp at 5000 rpm and a remarkable 236 ft.-lbs. of torque from just 1500 rpm - a significant improvement from the 197 hp and 210 ft.-lbs. of torque from the 2.4-litre engine available in 2002. The new engine qualifies for Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) status in the U.S.


Also new to the V70 AWD is a highly refined electronic all-wheel-drive system. The new drive system has been developed in collaboration with Haldex, a pioneer in the field. The system uses electronic control of a 'wet' multi-plate clutch to distribute power between the front and rear wheels.


The electronic system is connected to the Multiplex computer network in the car and communicates with other systems like the Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) to optimize the all-wheel-drive traction. The system operates independently of the driver and functions extremely quickly, resulting in improved stability and traction.


All versions of the V70 benefit from the Interior Air Quality System (IAQS), which is standard equipment in 2003. The IAQS includes a highly efficient air filtration system that improves the environment inside the car. A pollen and particle filter blocks airborne contaminants before they can enter the passenger space. An available active carbon filter and gas sensor further enhance air quality. The active carbon multi-filter system reduces gasses such as oxides of nitrogen, ground-level ozone and hydrocarbons, sparing passengers from the worst effects of street-level car and truck exhaust as well as fumes from oil, gasoline and even windshield washer spray. To complement the system, the gas sensor monitors the level of carbon monoxide in the incoming air and automatically shuts off the air intake before it reaches unhealthy levels.


Other new features include a standard trip computer and handsome new rims for the V70 2.4 and 2.4T versions.


Whether their owners enjoy the sporty performance of the 247 hp V70 T5 or the practicality of the highly equipped base V70 2.4, all versions share the innovative safety technology that make the V70 Volvo's safest wagon, including "smart" front air bags with dual-stage deployment, Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) with side air bags and Volvo-designed Inflatable Curtain (IC) side impact protection, Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) seats and many other safety features.


Safe, versatile and built without compromise as a wagon, the V70 is designed around Volvo's P2 large car platform but is not a derivative of an existing sedan. Despite its five-door configuration, the V70 has exceptional torsional rigidity that permits the MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension to deliver remarkable and predictable handling, regardless of the load it carries.


And carry loads it does, with unparalleled flexibility and versatility. With more useable interior space than many larger vehicles, the V70 clearly expands the functionality of the wagon design. But the many imaginative features inside the V70 also increase its real-world utility.


Some features are as simple as a few degrees of seat backrest angle. In the rear seat, the backrest angle can be moved slightly forward to accommodate large cargo in the rear without folding the entire seat forward. When it is necessary to fold it forward, the seat does so easily to create a flat floor -- thanks to the integration of the seatbelts and cargo safety net into the seat back.


Others features are more complex, like the folding grocery bag holder hidden under the floor in the load compartment, which eliminates the chance that escaped groceries end up rolling around the rear compartment or floor: no more fishing grapefruit and canned peas from under the seat.


An array of helpful option packages and stand-alone options, glorious sound from enhanced audio offerings, an improved Volvo Navigation System with DVD-based map and many other opportunities to personalize the V70 will permit owners to create a unique personality for their 2003 V70 wagons.





Lisa Graham

Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.



Doug Mepham

MacDonald & Co.


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V70 (2007), 2003
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