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Lex Kerssemakers - Senior Vice President EMEA


Name: Alexander ‘Lex' B.M. Kerssemakers


Present position: Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management Volvo Car Corporation, as of January 1, 2011

Born: Netherlands, 1960


Education: Graduated in Automotive Business Management, Institute of Automotive Management, Driebergen, Netherlands, 1982


Previous positions:
2008-2010 President, Volvo Car Overseas Corp.
2004 -2008 Senior Vice President, Brand, Business & Product Strategy
2002 -2004 Vice President Global Marketing, Volvo Cars, Göteborg
2000 -2002 Vice President, Product Business Strategy, Volvo Cars, Göteborg
1999 -2000 Regional Offer Manager for Benelux and UK, Volvo Cars Market Area Europe, Brussels, Belgium
1996 -1999 Vice President, Product Marketing, Volvo Cars Central Marketing, Brussels, Belgium
1995 -1996 Head of Product Strategy, Volvo Cars Central Marketing, Brussels, Belgium
1993 -1995  Director, BuroSix, marketing and PR company, Reeuwijk, Netherlands
1990 -1993 Area Manager, Volvo Cars Europe Marketing, Brussels, Belgium
1988 -1990 Product Manager, Volvo Deutschland, Frankfurt, West Germany
1984 -1988 Buyer/ Management trainee and other positions, Volvo Car BV, Helmond, Netherlands


Civil status: Married and has a daughter and a son


Hobbies: Snowboarding, mountain biking, field hockey, classic cars
Lex Kerssemakers was born in the Netherlands in 1960 and grew up in Eindhoven, the home of both DAF and Philips.
"I knew at a very young age that I wanted to work in the automotive industry", he says.
The young Lex enrolled at the Institute of Automotive Management, a Dutch institution which caters exclusively for careers in the motor industry.

After graduating in Automotive Business Management in 1982, he did his military service in the Dutch army.

Lex Kerssemakers' first job was as a purchaser for Volvo Car BV at its head office in Helmond, outside Eindhoven.
"I spent three and a half years in the job, and I am still drawing on that experience, especially in the area of human and business behaviour."


He then moved to Marketing as an in-house trainee and took a 2.5-year managerial training course at Eindhoven Business University, where he acquired most of his knowledge of marketing. In 1988 he was employed as Product Manager at Volvo Car Germany for three years.
Market Area Europe was established in Brussels in 1990, giving Lex an opportunity to move there.
However, when the proposal to decentralise the marketing activities was announced in 1993, he left Volvo to work in a small marketing and PR company in Reeuwijk.

Thanks to this Lex learnt about entrepreneurship and the importance of using every single Euro to make ends meet. Something he brought back with him when he returned to Volvo in 1995.
The new challenge was to start at the company's new global marketing unit in Brussels, which became known as VCCM (Volvo Cars Central Marketing).

He worked on offer strategies for a year or so before becoming head of Product Marketing and, later, regional manager for BeNeLUK (the Benelux countries and Britain).
At the end of 2000, he became head of Product and Business Strategy, based in Sweden. Lex Kerssemakers was the first non-born Swede to take charge of Product Planning at Volvo Cars.

After two years, Product Planning and Global Marketing were merged under the title of Global Marketing.
A new unit, Brand, Business & Product Strategy, was established after another two years, in summer 2004, with Lex as head. In his new role, he was also appointed Senior Vice President and a member of the Volvo Cars executive management group.

Lex Kerssemakers' role was to continue to develop Volvo Cars' business by focusing on the company's core values, competitive advantages and business concepts. Product offers should be tailor made for each customer to the maximum possible extent.

For the last two years (2008-2010) he has been President for Volvo Car Overseas Corporation.


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