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Volvo Cars Gent Plant, Belgium


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Managing Director: Peter Leyman

Volvo opened its Ghent factory in 1965. Over the years Volvo Cars Gent has grown into a cornerstone of Volvo's industrial structure, producing about one third of all Volvo cars.


Volvo Cars Gent builds the Volvo S60 and V70 models. The Gent plant is the sole producer of the Volvo S60.


Its most important single market is the United States (35 %). The European countries account for 55 % of the output; the Far East for 4 %.


Its activities include welding, painting and final assembly.


Personnel (Dec. 2001): 3.530 (car plant + Esdic)


Awards and certificates:

  • TPM Excellence Award (1991)
  • TPM Special Award (1996)
  • J.D. Power, Best European Car Plant (1996) (Initial Quality Study)
  • EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), (1995)
  • ISO 9002 (1994); ISO 9001 (1997)
  • Flemish Quality Award (1998)
  • TMP World Class Award (1999)
  • European Quality Award (1999)
  • PAG Customer Satisfaction Award (2001)

Postal address:

Volvo Cars Gent

J.F. Kennedylaan 25

P.O. Box 273

B-9000 Ghent

Tel. +32 9 250 21 11

Fax. +31 9 251 17 14

Visiting address:

Volvo Cars Gent

J.F. Kennedylaan 25

B-9000 Ghent

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