Volvo C30 Electric awarded "Green Car of the Year" in China

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Volvo C30 Electric awarded "Green Car of the Year" in China

More E-cars delivered to SIAC as Volvo Drive-E Action carries on


While the Shanghai International Automotive City Group (SIAC) marked its first anniversary of the electric vehicle (EV) campaign on July 20, 2012, Volvo Car Corporation delivered 15 Volvo C30 Electric cars to the City for pioneering open road test-drive project - EV100 Days. Meanwhile, Volvo C30 Electric was also awarded "Green Car of the Year" in China at the 4th China New Energy Mobility Summit in recognition of its world-leading safety and superb performance on the same day.


According to Freeman Shen, Senior Vice President of Volvo Car Corporation and Chairman of China Operations, delivering Volvo C30 Electric to SIAC and launching of public road test drives represents a solid step of Volvo Car Corporation in the process of promoting new energy vehicles in China, and as a result of Volvo's Drive-E corporate strategy which covers optimization of traditional combustion engines, and development of plug-in hybrids and electric ones.


"We feel honor yet responsibility to share our world-class know-how in new energy vehicles with China, our second home market, in joint efforts from regulators, suppliers and customers. We're confident to take a prominent role in China's safe and sustainable electrification development, making cars for a better life," said Freeman.

A fleet of 15 Volvo C30 Electrics to join SIAC's EV100 real road test-driving

As a substantial step forward since Volvo Car Corporation signed the MoU with SIAC last November on new energy vehicle demonstration and data collection, Volvo delivered 15 electric cars for public testing during the first anniversary of SIAC's EV campaign. A recruitment call was made for open road test-drive projects - EV100, a period of some three months in which qualified volunteer drivers can own and drive a Volvo C30 Electric.


The first group of pilot users include Ms Charlotta Holm Vestberg, Consular of the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai, and Mr Gao Yuan and Ms Ji Xueping, famous local TV anchors with Dragon TV.

"The handover and kick-off of public involvement is a milestone for Volvo Car Corporation's new energy vehicle move in China. We are really proud to introduce this great car to ordinary Chinese car users," said Freeman Shen.


By starting this project Volvo Car Corporation will be able to collect more data about the C30 Electric's performance on Chinese roads as well as the driving habits of Chinese consumers, by monitoring and analyzing operation of these cars. The company will in turn be able to translate the knowledge acquired during the project into future product development. The study will also provide a reference for mass promotion of electric vehicles in China and the development of next-generation electric vehicles.


During the project, Volvo Car Corporation will support local government's efforts in industrialization of new energy vehicles, providing technical supports, building infrastructures, promoting EV and used EV sales, car insurance, annual checkups, as well we road traffic management. Volvo Car Corporation will share with local government its experience in business operations and management of the new energy vehicle industry accumulated overseas.


C30 Electric carries on Volvo's Safety legend

In the second half of Volvo Cars China operations' Drive-E experience day, the 4th China New Energy Mobility Summit was held at SIAC. Influential speakers and nationwide press gathered to share insights into "Action towards a safe electrification".  The occasion comes right after a recent launch of China National Energy Saving & New Energy Automotive Development Plan, and therefore drew wide attention.


Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research and Development, Volvo Car Corporation delivered a keynote speech on Volvo's electrification strategy and technology roadmap, featuring Volvo's safe green cars with no compromise of performance, functionality and appearance, from normal Drive-E versions, V60 plug-in hybrids to C30 electric. "We are focusing on future development. China is crucial, so we're open and committed to develop green solutions with local partners here and around the world." Peter Mertens stated.


The summit awarded Volvo C30 Electric "Green Car of the Year" in China to recognize its uncompromising performance and world leading Safety.



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