Five stars and a record result for the Volvo V40 in China NCAP safety test


Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) rounded off a successful year in China by receiving a five-star rating for the Volvo V40 in the 2013 China NCAP test – and the overall result is the best in the passenger car category since the protocol was upgraded in 2012.


“We are very proud of this result. The Volvo V40 is designed to be one of the world’s safest cars in real life safety and this result is yet another confirmation in line with previous results from tests by Euro NCAP and A-NCAP,” says Thomas Broberg, Senior Technical Advisor Safety at Volvo Car Corporation.

The all-new Volvo V40 R-Design

In 2012, China NCAP extended its scope by adding a whiplash test to the programme. The Volvo V40, which comes standard equipped with Volvo Cars’ groundbreaking whiplash protection system (WHIPS), achieved a top result in this test as well as the side impact test.


All in all, the Volvo V40 received a five-star ranking with an overall score of 58.2 points – the best result ever in the Class A and B categories since the China NCAP protocol was extended.


Patented safety cage

“Our safety cage features a robust design with a blend of different steel qualities. The China NCAP results once again confirm the exceptional crashworthiness of this solution,” says Thomas Broberg. “The Volvo V40 is also equipped with a groundbreaking set of active safety systems that help the driver avoid accidents and dangerous situations, such as auto brake for other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. These technologies are not yet covered by the China NCAP evaluation. In addition, the V40 features roll over protection and offers Pedestrian Airbag Technology, which is unique in this segment.”


V40 still number one in Euro NCAP

The V40 is also the overall record holder in the Euro NCAP programme. The protection for adults was the best result ever recorded in a test, no less than 98 per cent – and the V40 scored an all-time high in the pedestrian evaluation.


“Viewed together, all the recent top ratings in the world emphasise our world-leading position in automotive safety. By continuously introducing new preventive and protective systems, we keep moving towards our aim that by 2020 no one should be injured or killed in a new Volvo. Our long-term vision is that cars should not crash,” says Thomas Broberg.


All in all, Volvo Cars sold an all-time-high of 61,146 cars in China in 2013, an increase of 45.6 per cent compared with 2012. 

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