No compromise safety for blue-sky family motoring



For Volvo cars safety has never been synonymous with boring as its stylish Volvo C70 Convertible firmly proves with its blend of stylish design, exhilarating performance and superlative safety offerings.


Volvo’s sleek-looking C70 Convertible is much more than just a sports car. It is also very much a family touring car offering driver and passengers alike all the exhilaration of blue-sky motoring without comprising Volvo Cars entrenched safety reputation.


With their deep understanding of motoring safety, Volvo Car designers have made the C70 one of the safest convertibles on the road without dampening the enjoyment and thrill that comes from driving with the wind in your hair. The built-in safety of the C70 Convertible builds upon the intelligent inter-play between the various safety systems working in harmony together to keep occupants out of harm’s way.


In addition to the finely tuned chassis, powerful anti-lock brakes and active stability system, one of the most notable safety features in the C70 Convertible is the Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS).


Designed to protect the heads of passengers in the event of a crash where the car turns over, an electronic sensor triggers the ‘bars’ concealed in the rear bodywork raising them above the level of the heads of the rear passengers. The rear bars act in unison with the sturdily reinforced windscreen frame to serve as a rollover cage.


Other safety systems in the C70 Convertible include two front airbags for head and chest protection and the Volvo SIPS side impact protection system, which distributes crash forces in a side impact across a large part of the car’s frame so as to help minimise strain on the occupants. Volvo has also built a reinforced structure around the passenger compartment that is designed to withstand extreme physical stress, while crumple zones and energy absorbing interior materials help reduce the risk of injury.


The C70 is equipped with Volvo’s unique WHIPS whiplash protection system to help reduce straining the neck and spine if the car is hit from behind as well as safety belts with pre-tensioners that automatically pulls the belting tight for maximum protection in a crash or roll-over accident.


Volvo became the world’s first car manufacturer in 2003 to factory-fit the ISOFIX attachment system enabling the secure fitting of rearward-facing child safety seats, which Volvo believes offers small children the most safety. The ISOFIX attachments enable rear-facing child seats to be fitted in the rear and front passenger seat if no front airbag is fitted.


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