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Las Vegas, Nevada (October 31, 2006) – If the thought of crisp mountain air, fresh powder and breathtaking vistas isn’t enough to set your mind racing, the Volvo C30 concept by Heico Sportiv and Burton Snowboards will. Customized, sport tuned and outfitted for active lifestyles, this one-of-a-kind show car embodies the snowboarding spirit of living life to the fullest.


This cool ride is aimed at driving enthusiasts who are just as passionate about their cars as they are about the great outdoors. Never willing to settle for the norm, their quest for adventure knows no bounds. Conquering the halfpipe, pushing the limits at board parks or heading for the backcountry is what it’s all about. Since their clothing, choice of music and attitude defy convention, so too does this spin on Volvo’s new sport compact.


Heico, the premier Volvo tuner in Europe,  partnered with Burton Snowboards, the world's leading snowboard company, for the C30 project. The cargo compartment is tricked out with an integrated snowboard storage system complete with boot, helmet and gear storage units. 2008 Burton Vapor snowboards, C60 bindings and SL-10 boots will also be showcased with the concept car. Custom blue LED lighting makes the gear glisten in the dark like so many snowflakes on a moonlit winter night.


At home on the switchbacks or the road to the slopes, the Heico/Burton C30 concept is part Paris-Dakar raider, part efficient weekend gear hauler and part stylish, sporty performer. It wears a Heico-Ice 7-stage pearl-effect paint scheme with a wicked “camo” theme. Heico’s custom fabricated full body kit adds a unique front fascia with “cornering” fog lights, a sport grille, side skirts and fender flares plus a rear skirt with integrated diffuser panel.


Heico energized the C30’s powerplant with an extra rush of adrenaline. Volvo’s 2.5-liter Euro-spec engine is fitted with performance enhancements including a modified Borg-Warner turbo and wastegate and air-to-air intercooler with electronically adjusted water injection, all managed by Heico’s power upgrade ECU. Spent exhaust gases are routed through a Metal racing catalyst mated to Heico’s stainless steel sport exhaust finished with quad-tip pipes.


With an estimated 300 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 310 lb.-ft. of torque on tap, long drives to the wilderness are transformed from a routine chore to an extreme sport. When the traffic clears, downshift the 6-speed manual gearbox, put the pedal to the metal and ear-to-ear grins are guaranteed. Of course, Volvo recommends that the driver observe all posted speed limits.


Right out of the box, the stock C30 channels the engine’s torque to the front wheels. Thinking outside the box, Heico transformed the show car to full-time all-wheel drive. By no means is this a slam-dunk conversion. Serious engineering work was needed to get it right.


Heico collaborated with the pros at Haldex of Sweden, world-renown for their track record as an OEM supplier of AWD components to Volvo Cars. The C30 concept is fitted with electronically controlled AWD with custom software integration that automatically transfers more power to the wheels with the best grip. The benefits on slippery surfaces are obvious, yet AWD also improves handling on completely dry roads.


Active enthusiasts expect flexibility as well as performance. So this special C30 is decked out with front and rear Heico coil-over suspension that’s adjustable for ride height. Carving corners with glee while turning heads in the process is the job of Volution® 8 x 18-inch sport alloy wheels shod with Toyo R888 245/40R-18 tires. In between the action, scope out the custom designed Heico pattern on the tread.


Because all good rides have to come to an end, stomping on the binders brings the C30 to a stop with authority. The brakes feature Heico 4-piston calipers with 320mm custom vented and slotted rotors in front and 285mm kits in the back. A vibrant blue hue has been applied to the calipers for a totally rad look.


The cabin has the look and feel of premium quality materials. Modified Volvo sport bucket seats are trimmed with handcrafted “Lugano” leather in black and alpaca gray hides with gray stitching and embossed with the Burton logo. Heico further enhanced the interior with its aluminum sport pedals and footrest, shift knob, e-brake handle, door pin set and floor mats. The thick-rimmed steering wheel with auxiliary controls is trimmed to match the seat upholstery.


The real kicker is the custom leather center console featuring integrated iPOD™ and Motorola MOTO Q units plus Bluetooth hands-free communication. Volvo’s Premium Sound System delivers 650 watts through 10 Dynaudio® speakers. Dolby® Pro Logic II Surround sound reproduces audio tracks with such clarity it’s like taking your favorite band along for an awesome journey to the slopes.




Las Vegas, Nevada (October 31, 2006) – Whether it’s snowboarding, mountain biking or rock climbing, outdoor enthusiasts have one thing in common: Safety plays a pivotal role in their ability to enjoy the sport. Manufacturers test their products to ensure they will perform under extreme conditions should the unexpected occur. Heico Sportiv’s modified C30 upholds Volvo’s core value of safety.


Based on the European spec version of the production C30, all of the show car’s safety features remain intact and functional. That was Volvo’s prerequisite for accepting the project that Heico and Burton embraced with gusto. As one of Europe’s leading Volvo tuners, Heico knows the importance of safety on the street as well as the racetrack.


Heico went the extra mile to add all-wheel drive to its C30 concept to segue with the theme of increased traction during outdoor adventure. At this time there are no plans to offer the production C30 with AWD. However, as the C30 shares the same technologies as the S40 sedan and V50 sport wagon, it’s not an impossibility.


The C30 is equipped with Volvo’s Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) system. This responds instantly when it detects any tendency of the vehicle to skid, reducing engine power and braking the appropriate wheels to help the diver maintain smooth control over the car. To aid the driver when reversing, Heico incorporated a rear view camera.


Heico modified the C30’s brakes to provide additional stopping power. This works in concert with the standard anti-locking brake system. The driver can slam on the brakes and steer quickly out of trouble at the same time. ABS is supplemented by Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) which regulates braking force to the rear wheels. Plus, Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) helps the driver utilize the brakes to the fullest. If the system detects that the brake pedal is not being pressed hard enough, it immediately steps in and provides just the right amount of braking force needed to bring the car to a standstill in the shortest possible distance.


Dual-stage airbags, safety belt tensioners in all four seating positions, force limiters on the front belts and collapsible pedals help protect the occupants of the car in a frontal collision. The steering column deforms in a controlled manner in a horizontal movement to interact with the airbag as effectively as possible. SIPS (Side Impact Protection System), side impact airbags and IC (Inflatable Curtains) contribute to effective protection in side impacts.


While the C30 is shorter than the S40, its body structure is engineered to contribute to controlled deformation. The front structure is divided into zones that are constructed of different grades of steel with different deformation characteristics, to distribute and absorb collision forces in a controlled and effective manner. The lower side members are designed to help prevent the front wheels from being forced into the cabin in a collision.


Cross members, sills and door pillars are solidly constructed to keep the cabin as intact as possible in a collision. The rear safety structure is designed with an optimized mix of different grades of steel to provide strength and carefully controlled deformation in a rear impact. The rear side members are designed to absorb most of the impact forces in the early phases of a rear impact.


Outstanding outward visibility, a hallmark of Volvo design, continues with the smallest Volvo. The C30’s unique shape, with its vast expanse of side glass, creates a panoramic view from all four seats. The inwardly curving rear side windows and the unique glass tailgate provide excellent rearward visibility. Well placed rear seats, with their theater style layout gives passengers in the back a good view through the front side windows.


Volvo continues to pioneer new driver support systems. To make it easier for the driver to detect other vehicles in the blind spot at the side of the car, Volvo’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) will be available as on option on the production C30. The system uses cameras mounted in the side door mirrors to register if another vehicle is in the blind spot. If a vehicle is detected, a lamp located at the base of the A-pillar illuminates to alert the driver of the situation.


Heico Sportiv was founded outside of Frankfurt, Germany in 1995. It has grown to become Europe’s leading Volvo tuning firm. Heico has the longest running history of endurance racing featuring Volvo cars spanning 12 years. This serves as the engineering basis for offering high-quality components for Volvo road cars. Please refer to for more information.


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